Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The pandemic has created the need for a series of workplace plans to safeguard employees, clients and customers.
Absolutely not. We can work together to create a plan based upon your circumstance and concerns.
Yes. An integral part of preparing for, and mitigating, any threats is the regular reviewing and examination of any existing plan you may have.
Yes … The size of an organization does not render it more-or-less safe than any other group. A solid safety plan will address:
  • External threats brought via natural disaster, accident, and those originating by human error or design
  • Internal threats to employees and customers
  • Prepare people by providing important information and demonstrate a sincere effort to maintain a safe environment
Yes. The preemployment background investigation is an important step that does not receive the attention it should.
Yes. When the need arises, these investigations are important for the protection of employees, and organizations.
Yes. No gathering – small or large – is outside of our experience, and ability to help you.
Yes. We can suggest a plan based upon your unique circumstances. And, depending upon any special or extenuating hardships or circumstance, services may be rendered pro bono.
We have a strong affiliation with the Security Industry Alarm Coalition – SIAC – which is a nationwide body with a stellar network throughout the United States.

SMK Consulting, LLC client’s names and/or organizations are held in strict confidence.

Services will be rendered at either an hourly rate, or flat fee, depending upon the size and scope of your project and needs. Together we will decide the best option for you.

Yes.  I can get you enrolled in ID Shield for 24/7/365 information monitoring and alerts.

Yes.  I can assist you in enrolling in Legal Shield.