Our Services

SMK Consulting, LLC

Collaborating to build the layers of safety & security you desire.

SMK Consulting, LLC is positioned to offer you comprehensive evaluations, honest assessment, and practical guidance; while planning for the safety and protection of people, organizations, gatherings and events. We may determine that you will also be served best by drawing upon my established network of professional colleagues.

Fees can be structured on an hourly rate, or flat fee basis. Depending upon your needs, and the size and scope of your project, we will mutually determine what will be the most economical path for you. Individuals who are faced with personal safety concerns, and are struggling with financial hardship, may be considered to receive services on a pro bono basis.

Your individual needs maybe immediate, or they may not be tied to a critical timeline. Either circumstance can be accommodated.

Consultation and advice are available regarding:

The COVID-19 Pandemic has ushered in difficult times, significant life and workplace changes, and challenging issues. This may provide opportunities to review safety and security plans, or the opportunity to make new plans. In addition, this pandemic may have forced the need for a more urgent planning posture and response.

In addition to the disruption of life, routines, community engagement, work-life and commerce there are those who are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to take advantage of unsuspecting people with new fraud schemes and cyber crimes. Victims of these despicable crimes range from businesses, faith-based groups and individuals who are already dealing with hardship.